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International Travel and Business Insurance Application Forms

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    International Insurance Applications

  International Insurance Package Application                                                             Click Here                    Click Here  

International Application Product Liability Supplement                                              Click Here  Click Here 
        International Application Employee Dishonesty, Money & Securities Supplement     Click Here                 Click Here

International Application Property Supplement                                                           Click Here                    Click Here
International Kidnap Extortion Supplement                                                                 Click Here                    Click Here

International Application Contractor Liability Supplement                                           Click Here                    Click Here
        International Application Hotel and Resort Supplement                                              Click Here                    Click Here
        International Application D.I.C.E Producer                                                                  Click Here                    Click Here                                                       
International Application War Hazard Supplement                                                      Click Here                    Click Here                                                                      
International Application Oil and Gas Supplement                                                      Click Here                     Click Here   
International Advantage Application Pipeline Supplement                                          Click Here                     Click Here                                    
International Application Students and Chaperones Supplement                               Click Here                     Click Here

International Application Musical Touring Group                                                         Click Here                     Click Here                                                                  
International Application Touring Group                                                                      Click Here                     Click Here                                                                            
International Application Entertainment Supplement                                                   Click Here                     Click Here                                                               
International Application Entertainment Shell Corporation                                          Click Here                      Click Here 

Notice: Cover Agency Ltd is currently paying 20% commission for new business automated international insurance package policy, that does not require a manual underwriting and is paid in full, on time. We are also paying a 15% commission for international insurance package policy that requires manual services such as underwriting, manual submission, review etc or is not paid in full at inception. We reserve the right to adjust commissions at any time,  based solely upon our discretion or responsibilities, or change in our new business pricing, etc.policies. 
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