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Fast Travel For Business Application To Quote

Cover Agency, Ltd. - Fast Quote Instructions for Retail Broker Submissions:

1. a. Print and complete the "International Business Travel Application" for a fast quote.The Link is below at number 5.

    b. If this is a first time application submission to Cover Agency, click, complete, and submit online the Brokerage Registration Form.

2. Scan and Email  the International Business Travel Application" to International Business Travel Insurance .
 Or fax to:(718) 591-2400 (Fax slows down service).

3. Questions: Email to priscillali@coveragency.biz

4. Telephone Contact: Priscilla Li, Vice President, Cover Agency Ltd: Direct (347) 886-9778; Office (718) 591-2400

5. Click the link below to open the International Business Travel Insurance Application. Print the PDF form. It may be completed manually. Email the completed form to  Priscilla Li, Vice President,

We suggest you save the PDF form for your second application. Most brokers have a number of companies in their community who need this insurance, especially the liability coverages. One overseas lawsuit will cost a fortune to defend; Uninsured, even if they win the case, the legal fees will be severe. Difficult to win a case when your company is the foreigner in another country.

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