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Cover Agency Ltd provides insurance products to Insurance Brokers and  Producers whose clients need:

1.  International Employee Travel Insurance and International Liability Insurance plus Property Insurance Package Policy.

2. International Medical Insurance

3. International Employer's Voluntary, Overseas Employee's "On The Foreign Job" Benefits Coverage.

4. Products Liability and Completed Operations Insurance

5. Many additional insurance coverages and international services to the Employee, Executive, and the Company itself:

Here is a downloadable, improved Presentation that producers may show to clients:

 International Employee Travel and Company Insurance Package for Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Internet Retailers.

For  an International Distributor, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Exporter, Website Products Seller, both the Sale of Goods Overseas, Offices, Real Estate, Inventory, Shipments, and Employee Travel Insurance and Medical insurance are available

For Additional Information Contact:

Priscilla Li, Vice President

Office: (718) 591-2400

Direct: (347) 886-9778


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